Did you work at Ensign?

Did you or anyone you know, perhaps a family member,  work for Houghton-Butcher at the Fulbourne Road factory in Walthamstow? If so please get in touch I would love to hear from people who worked for Ensign so I can hear them recount their experiences. No matter how sketchy or trivial they may seem, to further my research into the history of Ensign in preparation for a book that I am writing about the company.

Whether they worked at Fulbourne Road in Walthamstow E17, the sales office in 88-89 High Holborn WC 1 or at the Ross Ensign factory in Clapham. I would love to hear their reminiscences. I have already spoken to a number of ex Houghton-Butcher staff and their contributions have been very helpful. I am prepared to travel to you or correspond by mail whichever you prefer.

Please contact me by clicking the blue link here to email: The Ensign Project

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